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The Future of Dorian's

Hello all,

This is again, not really a health update, but long term health stuff will be mentioned. This post, though, is about the future of my events, and projects, again. Tonight I am going to deal with one that is very near and dear to my hearts, Dorian's Parlor.

Many people have asked me "Hey Gil, when is the July event happening? I really want to go to the two year anniversary!" Conveniently, they don't ask about any other dates. So, it is with a heavy heart that I say that after our June 2nd date, the next Dorian's Parlor will be in September. Subsequently, it will be a quarterly, not monthly, event.

There are a variety of reasons for this. At the very heart of it, there is a ton of work that goes into putting one of these events together. And unfortunately, now that I have a full time job during the week, in addition to other projects, and day to day existence, I can't put in the same amount of hours. While I love doing Dorian's Parlor, it does not net me enough to cover a decent insurance policy for a person with pre-existing conditions. Thus, I am left with severe worries if I have a health issue like I did in March. While many people were exceedingly generous, and I am left both awed and humbled by what a wonderful community I am in, I would prefer to not have to ask for that help again. Thus, I had to make the call to focus a bit more on the corporate aspects of my life.

Additionally, one of the most galling things for a promoter to hear is "oh, I'll come next time." I know that every time someone told me that for Dorian's, I would smile and thank them, but in my head I would be saying "that's great and all, but I need to fill my current event before working on my next one." My hope is that, with the events three months apart, people will book for them early, and will come to them, and that they will be more special.

Finally, putting together these shows is a lot, not just on me, but on all the people who are helping me, who are not being compensated nearly enough for the amount of strain I put them through. This includes not only my co-producers, but every volunteer, every performer, every person who has helped us make these events as awesome as they can be.

So, long story short, Dorian's isn't going away, but it will be less often, and I'm hoping to see you all on June 2nd.

With love,
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