Skola (skola) wrote,

Further health updates, also begging.

Hello all!

So, as I believe I mentioned before, I'm in here for a while. Two weeks inpatient, two weeks outpatient, and then 6-12 months to get back to normal, assuming *everything* works out right. A lot of people have asked what they can do for me, so this update is really about that.

First off, every comment, every post, every message, is being read. I unfortunately have very limited energy right now as my body goes through hell, but I promise I read and appreciate each and every message you all send, and I'm doing my best when possible to respond. That helps.

Second off, visiting. Those of you who can visit, are welcome to, and it's great, with three very big caveats.

CAVEAT THE FIRST. If you are sick in any way shape or form, or think you might be, or think you will be, please do not visit. My immune system is being shocked into non-existence, and even a passing infection may very well kill me. I mean this in all seriousness. I appreciate the love, just not the death.

CAVEAT THE SECOND. If you do visit, before entering whatever room I'm in, after touching anything, etc, use those funky gel dispensers on the walls on your hands. I realize they dry out your skin and smell awful, but again, I need to be super paranoid while my system recovers.

CAVEAT THE THIRD. I may pass out on you. It's not because I don't love you, but it's because I'm putting my body through hell to try to fix it. Please do not take it personally if I put the bed down and fall asleep, or if I fail to wake up. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate your visit, it means that I'm trying to take care of my physical health and respect my own limitations, something that I have in the past not been so good about.

On the financial side (and I hate doing this). It's likely that, even with my inusrance, this hospital stay is likely to wipe out what's left of my finances. I'll be making deals with the hospital, and doing what I can to set up payment plans. That said, it's still going to be a tough few months. I know a few people are doing donation drives, auctions, etc, for me, and I'm hoping that they'll pitch in on all the places this is cross-posted, so that if you have cash to spare, and want to send it this way, it will go to me. Now with that said, I have worked with this hospital before. Even if I have to set up something where I send them a monthly payment for twenty years, I will be able to eventually pay this off. Do not feel obligated, if you are currently under any form of financial stress, to chip in here. If you do, I'll obviously apprecaite it, but I will find a way to survive without it.

On the other financial side, I do have one of those annoying amazon wishlists. I was really using it as a "things I should remember to get around the house and books I keep forgetting to get" guide, so as such, it's not the most useful, but I will gladly take anything people send. I anticipate a rather lengthy recovery, and will also happily take suggestions for things to add, not even for people to get me, but for me to remember to check out myself when I'm in a better place. For those interested, it's at

Finally, and in some ways, the most important, is my caregivers. This includes my partners, my family, my close friends, etc. If you know someone who's coming to see me regularly, who's helping me out, etc, see if they can use some help, some love, some support, etc. They're doing a lot to help keep me together through this difficult time, and this is not a time when I am able to reciprocate the work and attention they're putting into me, so I'm hoping that during this time, I can rely on others to help those who help me. They mean the world to me, and I appreciate anything that can be done to make their lives easier.

Again, thank you all for the outpouring of support and love. It has made the last few days infinitely easier to deal with.

With love and gratitude,

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