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Dorian's Parlor Designer Needs Help

Hi all,

So as many of you know, I've been running a lovely event known as Dorian's Parlor, Our event features drinks, hors d'oeuvres, DJs, bands, sideshow performers, vendors, and, most importantly for this post, a fashion show. We're actually becoming known in the city, and we're growing to be pretty big.

We started out this past June. When we started out, a few designers came out, basically taking a huge chance on us, and presented their designs in the fashion show. One of them, Alex London ( now has a chance to premier in New York City's Fashion Week. I don't have words for how huge an opportunity this is for him, but I will say that this is what is spoken of when people talk about "once in a lifetime."

However, he does not have the funds required to secure that sort of space. was created to help him get that sort of money, and to help future artists also pursue their dreams. I try not to ask my friends for cash, as we're all fairly strapped in this economy, but every bit helps, so whether you have $200 or $2, please consider helping him out. He was good to me, and I wish I could be good to him back.

With gratitude,

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