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Looking for me?

Hi all!

I realize I've been fairly silent in terms of posting real updates, but I figured I'd let folks know some places to find me for the near future.

This week!

In a few hours, I'm headed up to NYC to see Nitzer Ebb perform live!

This weekend, we have PhilCon ( I will be DJing the Steampunk dance night on Friday night at 10:00! Tickets are $25 for Friday, and can be upgraded for the whole weekend! In addition to the dance at 10:00 on Friday, from 9:00-10:00 on Friday, I will be in the Crystal Ballroom discussing THE ROOTS OF STEAMPUNK: VICTORIAN SCIENCE FICTION along with Phillippa Ballentine and Tee Morris, moderated by Richard Stout. On Saturday morning from 11:00 to noon, I will be moderating THE JEFF MACH APPRECIATION PANEL AND “CELEBRITY” ROAST, featuring Hugh Casey, David Sklar, Rock Robertson, and, of course, Jeff Mach. This will be followed by another panel appearance from noon to 1:00 discussing IS STEAMPUNK A REJECTION OF THE PRESENT? along with Jeff Mach, Phillipa Ballentine, and C.J. Henderson, moderated by Victoria Janssen!

Saturday night, we have Diabolique ( I will be running the setup and sideshow, featuring The Amazing Stage Show, Psyche Corporation, and Aaron Glotfelter the Erotic Hypnotist! As the website says, “Come be bad for a good cause!” I will be there at 3:00 working on setup, and volunteer positions both for setup/teardown, as well as during the event itself, are still open, so contact me if you want to get in for free and do good things.

Sunday night, we have The Anachronism ( This event is put on by us, Jeff Mach of Wicked Faire fame (and also a Guest of Honor at PhilCon), Evelyn Kriete, and is going to be M.C.ed by the amazing and talented G.D. Falksen. It will feature, among others, Psyche Corporation, The Absinthe Drinkers, This Way to the Egress, The Royal Baritaria Players, Not Waving But Drowning, The Amazing Stage Show, The Wandering Legion of Thomas Tew, Katie Kat Opera and tons of other performers I am forgetting off the top of my head.

The following weekend, we will have our event, Dorian's Parlor! This month will feature Ego Likeness, the Eye of Isis Troupe, Katie Kat Opera, Luna Rosa, The Tesla Experiment: Twain in Vain, DJs Johanna Constantine and Kiltboy, and more!

And the following weekend, I will be DJing at Frozen In Time ( along with The Clockwork Cabaret's Davenport Sisters, with a special performance by Eli August!

So if you're looking to find me, you've now got my schedule for the next few weekends!


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