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General Update

So it's been a long time since I've made a public entry (or just about any other entry). So a few updates.

1. I've got several part time gigs, but am still looking for full time work. In the meantime, I have health insurance and some income, so I cannot complain.

2. I am done with biopsies! This is the most exciting. I went to the clinic earlier this week, and they told me that I was done. So long as my blood pressure and ecg look good every six months, I'm free from being stabbed in the neck.

3. I'm not sure if I mentioned this on LJ yet, but I have officially been sworn in as an American citizen.

4. I'm now running the monthly Steampunk event, Dorian's Parlor. In addition, I will be running the Steampunk dance night at PhilCon, followed by Diabolique Ball, of which I am now on the board of directors, followed by The Anachronism, then the next Dorian's, then Frozen in Time. Needless to say, I'm going to be very busy, and I love it.

5. In connection to Dorian's Parlor, I do have some volunteer positions open if anyone wants to help us get press releases out. If so, shoot me a comment or a message and I'll share the details.
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I'm glad you're health is looking up and biopsies are over.

It sounds like you're in a good place work-wise too, despite the lack of full-time job.

If you need help spreading the word, you know that the Straube Center will always help you out. ;) Also, sned me any flyers and I will post them up around Lambertville and New Hope for you since we are not far from Philly. :D

I can also potentially help you publish press releases in local papers here (the US1 would proabably be the best bet though) so you can maybe get some ore West Coast Jerseyians to Dorian's Parlour.
Best of luck in the health department. Glad to hear no more biopsies.
Thanks! Hopefully the next few years are easy on both of us, health wise.
Glad to hear things are going well Gil.